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Have fun at our website!
We hope that you help us.

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300 signings!

since yesterday we got 3 new signings, we hope this will go on.
Today we made the 300-signings. So the new number is 301 signings.

We please you to donate for the Flyers. We need 31€ for 2.500 Flyer!
For donating send an Email to

At the moment a lot of Votings started, so we all have a lot to do.
These are the most important Votings.
Musiqtone: Vote
NRJ-Awards: Vote
Golden Penguin: Vote in Best Album & Best Band

Please donate and promote!!

Your Team <3

1.1.10 20:08



Please note!

Since the last news there were no new signings, we hope this will change.
So we still have only 298 signings.

If you didn't know yet, we have Support-Sites and - Groups, to promote it.
If you're a member of any of the following networks please add us or/and join the groups.
Myspace: Add us
Facebook: Join
SchülerVZ: Join
Wer kennt wen: Join

Please donate for the Flyers and promote!!

Your Team <3

31.12.09 14:03


And we go on!

In the last days we got a few new signings.
So we have 298 signings until now.

Please remember that we need donations for the Flyers, we are happy about every money. Every Euro, Franken, Dollar or whatever helps us!

We also want to introduce you two fan actions which we are supporting.

The first one is from the Kieler Tokio Hotel Fanclub, who also collects signings for a concert. They only collect for another city.
Link: Kieler Fanclub Website

The second fan action is called Konzertchance and is for all German cities.
while we and the ones from kiel are collecting signings, the girls from konzertchance need your creativity. To get more information about what to do click here.

Please donate and promote!!

Your Team <3

28.12.09 13:07


Merry Christmas!

One day too late, but we wish you all a "Merry Christmas"!!
By the way we have: 295 signings.

Please donate some money for the Flyers!!

Your Team <3

25.12.09 22:04


We need you!

To make this petition more famous, we want to design a new Flyer and share it at the concert in Oberhausen.
Of course we have to print this, so this will cost a bit, we need donations, every Euro is welcome.
If you want to donate send an Email to us.
Write to

We have: 293 signings.

Please don't stop promoting!!

Yuer Team <3

23.12.09 21:13



That's so cool! In a few hours we got 4 new signings.
Actual number: 291 signings.

Please promote the petition!!

Your Team <3

19.12.09 22:43


A few news!

In the last days we got 3 new signings again.
So our list went longer and we have 287 signings at all yet.
After that we want to present you a nice Tokio Hotel Fansite with a message board click here!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & don't stop promoting!!

Your Team <3

19.12.09 18:55

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