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We got some new signings, so now we have 450 signings.

We need you! We look for people who want to share Flyer or want to promote on the internet.

Please promote us!!

Your Team <3

30.5.10 15:00


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T.S.T.H / Website (24.12.10 21:58)
We wish all our affiliates, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

aleks blind (28.1.11 23:24)

Let me present myself, i'm french (From Paris) and i'm a Tokio hotel Fan. I've a diary where i writting all about myself: Tokio hotel, friends, familly, fashion, travelling, etc.. Maybe you can know yourself in diary.

My diary must be a connection beetwen aaaaaaaaall the internationnals fan of tokio hotel. Somebodys read me in USA, Italy, UK, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Swiden, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, Brasil, Chile,Malaisia,etc..

I've a widget of the side of my blog where you can translate my blog:

If you want an alert when i send others post, tell me it by message on Facebook and Add me.

HAve a nice time

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