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The project

First we want to introduce the project to you.

A dream of us and many other fans is, that Tokio Hotel will play a concert in a stadium here in Germany.
We think, that the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt is the perfect place for it.
We're sure you're thinking, why this arena?!

Simple reasons:

  • The arena is often used for concerts
  • Stars like Madonna, die Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi or Herbert Grönemeyer played there until now
  • The arena is at a central place in Germany
  • ..many options to get there (Car, train, plane)
  • The owner of the stadium wants to contact Tokio Hotel's management, if we can show the interest of the fans


We want to collect signings for to show how much interest exists for a concert in the arena.

Some of you are thinking now "Oh no, not again....TH have enough to do".
Of course they have a lot to do, but we want to try it!

To be a part of it, you have to sign at the page Be a part of it or by writing an Email to us Tell us your name, the first letter of your familyname, your age & your city or country!!!